Here are some of the takeaways from the "Digital Sharing Readiness Score" for entrepreneurs, companies and governments:

Look beyond income per capita to gauge a country’s readiness for digital sharing.

Wealthier countries tend to score better, but there are many exceptions. For example, Algeria is significantly wealthier per capita, yet Morocco fares better in digital sharing readiness.


Dig deeper: Sub-Saharan Africa may appear unready for digital sharing, but there is opportunity if you know where to look.

Lack of social trust, difficult environments for entrepreneurship, and low literacy rates are barriers, but in “borderline” markets like Kenya, Senegal, and Rwanda, digital sharing can be tailored to overcome specific barriers. While digital sharing initiatives are operating in several countries with low readiness scores, they will tend to face more severe challenges than they would in countries with higher scores. In other words, lower scores are not a no-go zone on the map, but mean proceed with caution and pursue a tailored strategy. For example, partner with a local company or seek out creative ways to overcome gaps in trust (a la Safe Boda, a ride-sharing app in Uganda in which drivers show certifications and training credentials).

Focus on levels of social trust to determine readiness for digital sharing.

Argentina, Chile, and Brazil share comparable per capita incomes, levels of technological development, a geographic region, and economic, cultural, and social ties. However, different interpersonal trust levels result in very different readiness scores.

Be a first-mover in markets primed for digital readiness.

Ghana and South Africa doubled their mobile connectivity rates over the last 5 years and Botswana and Liberia have increased literacy, trust, and use of mobile payments. Chile, Thailand, and Malaysia have above-average trust, connectivity, literacy, digital payments, and entrepreneur-friendliness.

Trust is really essential. It makes people amenable to digital sharing.
— Shelby Clark, Founder, RelayRides